Sunday, September 16, 2012


In what has been my 5th trip in 16months around rural/regional NSW I have just returned from my latest trip across NSW. It took in the last 3 days with some long distance driving undertaken to central and mid western NSW.

I inspected another 9 surviving railway stations across mid western and central NSW and also attended a new aviation event/airshow in mid central NSW at Narromine.

I managed to inspect and photograph another 9 heritage railway stations which were truly amazing to see still standing in some cases 125years on...or more.It was at the same time, sad to also see many country/rural NSW towns have lost their once heritage railways stations/yards etc but you do have to wonder in amazement what brought such railways to such small towns and in some cases.....such isolated locations in the first place......
Some of these locations even in 2012 have only a few houses, so i was left to ponder....... what kind of patronage did these railway locations have 50-100yrs ago.. and then in 2012.... which is zero.....which leads people to see why they were demolished...

At the airshow i was able to catch up with my editor from the magazine who was happy to finally have a talk to me, as was the former magazine president. I also caught up with aviation radio/presenters and warbird/aerobatics friends i have met at past aviation events.
I was privileged at the airshow, to be able to obtain a flight kindly gifted to me at short notice and got to fly over the airport at Narromine at 1800hrs on Friday night for a photo shoot. It was a bit cold at around 1500ft and shooting out the door in 150knts wind blast was a challenge. I made a few new contacts and mate from the airshow and got some good photos. I obtained another 4-5 interviews from the airshow and another flightgear heritage photo shoot later in year all going well is now planned with another warbird.

Photos of all above to come soon to the blog.

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