Sunday, November 20, 2011

Temora warbirds photo shoot

Nov 19 2011 - I attended the Temora Aviation Museum warbird airshow and on the day before i conducted a heritage flightgear photo shoot on the ramp with the museum's world only flying Hudson WW2 bomber and a historical Wirraway trainer - the first official warbird in Australia dating back to the early 1970s.

Temora has a variety of aircraft that are unique to Australia's rich aviation heritage and they are flown on a frequent basis to show people how these aircraft were when in service.

This is the sole flying military Hudson in the world marked as a RAAF bomber that was based in Singapore during the early days of the Pacific War. In 1941/42 when the RAAF were deployed in Asia the Hudson force was the sole bomber force taking the fight to the Japanese advancing across Asia.


Wirraway trainer - this aircraft was used as a basic trainer in WW2 by the RAAF and was a development of the US Texan AT-6 trainer. The RAAF Wirraway even took on Japanese Zero fighters over Papua New Guinea in 1942.

Friday, November 11, 2011


NOV 2011 - A early sneak peak preview of a few pictures i took in November 2011 while in the NSW country south and west areas over 5 days...only another 2,500+ to sort through :)

I highly recommend people take time off work, plan a holiday and visit regional south and western NSW and see how the country life is like.

If not for the scenery, beautiful buildings and structures --- some which date back to 1854 i saw, you will least appreciate the growing of the country's food and some fresh air out that way, compared to living in say Sydney or Melbourne.

Click the photos for a more detailed look ...