Friday, September 21, 2012


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The first day tour was the start of a big walk about tour of the Anzac positions for me and the other  mates. We drove up the road which took us to the highest mountain at Anzac Cove - Chunuk Bar. This hill was heavily defended by the Turks in 1915 and only the Kiwis and British managed to hold it for a short time during the whole war, suffering massive killed in actions and wounded.

This was one of the memorials on the way to the top of the ridge line. In the distance can be seen southern Gallipoli ranges.

A recreated trench on top of Chunuk Bar ridge.

The splendid view from Chunuk looking down onto Anzac and British position. The top right is looking at Sulva Bay. You can see why the Turks killed so many troops coming up the hillside.
Sulva Bay is in the distance.

The scrub is very dense and hard going down in the valley seen below Chunuk. Having walked it i can now appreciate the hardship the troops faced.

 A view of typical ridge line trees and scrub bush.

 During the Anzac campaign all of these was denuded and blown away...


 A monument to Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

A map of Gallipoli

A modern day road on the ridgeline looking down from Chunuk

The amazing view from on the ridge line looking north to North Anzac and Sulva Bay
 Can you imagine a war in such a beautiful place? hard to believe nearly 100yrs on.

Typical bush scrub

 The amazing erosion on the hillside on southern Anzac position is truly spectacular to see. harder to understand how troops built on edge of such drop offs.
 A truly wonderful view of northern Anzac positions. The small red square is the official Australian area where the memorial is held every year.


 What a much to take in.


 A better view showing the beautiful view of the sea and late afternoon sunlight and North Anzac positions.

 Next Turkey trip review will show more of the area i toured such as the Southern Gallipoli peninsula.